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For information on Copyright, copyright registation, fair use, and open source,  check out the Copyright Website.


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What is a patent?

Here in the information age, virtually all intellectual creations can be protected by some form of intellectual property law. Intellectual property divides the universe of intellectual creations into three domains: copyrights, trademarks and patents. In a nutshell, copyright protects expression, trademark protects names, and patents protect ideas.

intellectual property

Patent protects innovation. While you can't copyright an idea, you can patent one.

Copyright protects creative expression that has been reduced to a tangible form, such as a book, piece of recored music, computer program, screenplay, painting, photograph, or motion picture.

Trademark protects brand names, literally marking items in trade. The idea behind trademark is to protect the consumer by giving them some confidence that items branded with a certain mark are authentic and come from where they purport to come from.